How to register the enterprise in the Value Added Tax Register

If you know that you must register the enterprise in the Value Added Tax Register (VAT Register), you must do this using the Coordinated register notification.

This is what you must do:

The Tax Administration has launched a new registration solution for the Value Added Tax Register. The new solution replaces Coordinated register notification part 2. Applications can no longer be submitted on paper.


Make sure your enterprise is registered in the Central Coordinating Register of Legal Entities before you proceed.


To register your business, you need one of the following roles in Altinn:

You can fill in and submit a registration application if you have one of these roles:

  • Limited signing rights
  • Contact person NUF

If you have one of these roles, you can fill in the application, but not submit it:

  • Responsible auditor
  • Accounting employee
  • Accountant with signing rights
  • Accountant without signing rights
  • Assistant auditor

You can also register if you have a pre-delegated role in your business, for example as a general manager or chairman of the board.

Read more about roles and rights at Altinn