Book an appointment with the Tax Administration

You can only book an appointment for services that require attendance at a tax office.

This means that you can only book an appointment if you’re going to

  • report a move to Norway
  • report a return to Norway
  • apply for a tax deduction card for the first time as a foreign citizen
  • declare paternity. In most cases, you can also declare paternity online at
  • undergo an ID check to confirm your identity or to reactivate your D number

All cases that do not require physical attendance at a tax office can usually be resolved via our chat service or by calling us at 800 80 000. If your case is not resolved over the phone, we can book an appointment for you.

Important information

Hvis du trenger hjelp til noe annet, kan du chatte med oss eller ringe oss på 800 80 000. Hvis du ikke får løst saken din over telefon, kan veileder bestille time for deg. Hvis du trenger en attest, kan du bestille attest på våre nettsider.

If you cannot attend the appointment you’ve booked, you can change or cancel it.