Book an appointment

You have to book an appointment if you want to go to the tax office or the service centre for foreign workers. Each appointment is for 15 minutes.

Not all tax offices can help you with everything. Please answer a few questions to find out where you should book your appointment:

When do you need to go to the tax office?

You have to go to the tax office that offers ID control or the service centre for foreign workersif you want to:

  • apply for a tax deduction card but lack a valid D number
  • report that you've moved to Norway

If you want to confirm paternity, you can attend any tax office.

For all other inquiries, you'll get help faster if you contact us via chat, phone at 800 80 000 or Facebook.

Endre eller avbestille tid

Du kan endre eller avbestille ved å logge inn med telefonnummeret og referansenummeret ditt. Referansenummeret finner du i tekstmeldingen du fikk da du bestilte.