Postponed deadline

The deadline for submitting the tax return for self-employed persorns and businesses is postponed from 31 May to 31 August. It's not possible to apply for further postponement. However, we encourage you to report mandatory information as early as possible.

If your spouse has been granted an extension to the deadline, you will automatically be given the same extended deadline. The same applies to partners in businesses assessed as a partnership.

Business Tax Return

Self-employed persons with simple tax affairs can use Business Tax Return to submit the tax return. If this solution is suitable for your business, we recommend that you use it to report your income.

Log in and submit:

  • Sole proprietorships must proceed to the tax return after completing the Business Tax Return, make the relevant changes to the amounts, and then submit.
  • For limited liability companies it's enough to submit the Business Tax Return.

Can I use the Business Tax Return?

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