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Register or change bank account number for payments from the Norwegian Tax Administration

You can register or change your bank account number if you would like to get your tax refund deposited in a different bank account than the one stated in your tax return. Both private individuals and businesses can change or register their bank account number.

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Change/register bank account number

You can also change your bank account number if:

  • you’ve received a notification that the submitted bank account number has not been accepted

Deadline for changing bank account number for the tax assessment

The deadline to change a bank account number depends on when you receive your tax assessment. To be safe, you should change the bank account number when you submit the tax return. If you’re too late, your tax refund will be deposited in the bank account stated in your tax return. Payments following changes related to previous years’ tax returns will be made to the last registered bank account number.

Use approved bank accounts only

The tax collector cannot make deposits to a different bank account than the one you’ve chosen. The bank accounts you can choose from in the self-service solution are bank accounts belonging to you or your business. This ensures that the money is paid to the right person or business. You’re responsible for considering the suitability of the account.

Bank account numbers that require KID cannot be used. 

Cannot change the bank account number?

If you cannot change to your preferred bank account number, you must write to the tax collector in your municipality.

  • As a private individual, you must prove your identity by attaching a witnessed copy of written identification, or by bringing valid identification if you attend in person.
  • For businesses, the general manager, or whomever the general manager has given authority to, must confirm in writing that the account may be used. Documentation showing that the account belongs to the company must be attached.



If the Tax Administration does not have any bank information for you or you do not have a suitable account, a giro for payment will be sent to you. You can cash this at a post office and in most banks. 

Norwegian giros for payment cannot be used abroad.

If you do not want to receive a giro for payment for next year, and if the reason you’ve been sent a giro for payment is that you have a bank account type that is not approved for payment of tax refunds, you must contact your bank and open a new bank account that can be used.

If the Norwegian Tax Administration does not have any bank details for you and you’re registered with a foreign address, you may receive a letter from the Tax Administration asking you to provide a bank account number or to confirm that you live at the registered foreign address. It’s important that you read and reply to the letter. Please register your account number electronically in the self-service solution.

The Norwegian Tax Administration does not send a giro payment to foreign addresses unless you’ve confirmed that you live at the address in question. Please contact your tax collector if you have any questions concerning this.