Form RF-1224

Personal income for proprietorship

Form for calculation of personal income (RF-1224) must be submitted by the owners of sole proprietorships as attachments to your tax return.

The form for the calculation of personal income (RF-1224) is a mandatory enclosure with the tax return, with the exeption of some cases where the taxpayer (the sole proprietorship) can choose not to submit income statements. There are extensive limitations with regard to which sole proprietorships are exempt from submitting income statements for the income. See the guidelines in the help section.

Please note that form RF-1224 must be submitted if the taxpayer has negative calculated personal income, either from the income year in question or carried forward. 

If you are a business or self-employed person, you have to submit the tax return and all forms electronically.

All businesses must submit the tax return and all related forms electronically. You can use this paper form to prepare, or as support when filling in the form on-line.