Form RF-1316

Certificate for tax and VAT

A certificate for tax and VAT documents whether you or your business owe tax, duties or value added tax (VAT), including interest.

If you wish to order a certificate and at the same time order a copy to be submitted to another business, you must use RF-1507 Opplysninger om skatt og avgifter (Information about tax and duties – in Norwegian only). The certificate also contains other information about the business.

Who should order a Certificate for tax and VAT?

If, for example, you’re taking part in a bidding process, the client will often require a Certificate for tax and VAT. You may also need this certificate in connection with applying for alcohol licences and certain other licenses.

Log in and complete RF-1316:

Order certificate

What does the certificate contain?

The certificate contains information about either you personally or your business. It shows:

  • underpaid tax
  • attachment of earnings not yet paid
  • employer's national insurance contributions not yet paid
  • VAT not yet paid