Form RF-1452

Name selection for a child

When the National Population Register has sent you a request stating that you should choose a name for your child, you can report the names of children you have parental responsibilities for. The name must be reported by the time the child turns six months, at the latest.

The child must have a first name and  a single surname or double surname divided by a hyphen. The child can also have a middle name.

Note that a middle name is not a first name. Names that can be used as a surname may also be taken as a middle name. You can read more about first names, middle names and surnames below.

Approving the choice of name by the other parent with parental responsibility is done by logging in to "Report the child's name”.

Case processing time

  • If the name notification is approved automatically, the child’s name will be registered immediately. 
  • If the name notification is processed manually, the case processing time will be longer. You can log in to view the status of your case or view our case processing times.

You’ll receive a confirmation in your inbox when the child’s name and national identity number has been registered. 

When the child is older than six months

If the child’s name has not been reported to the National Population Register, or if it cannot be registered by the time the child turns six months, the child will be registered without a first name and with the mother’s surname at birth. To report a first name and if necessary, change the surname, the parents with parental responsibility report the child’s name using the form for registerig the name of your child, which has been sent to you by post. The form must be sent to:

The Tax Administration
Postboks 9200 Grønland
0134 Oslo

If you do not have this form, please contact us to be sent a new one.

First name, middle name and surname

If the child will have more than one first name (given name), these are considered the first, second and third first name. All of them must be entered in the field for first name.

A middle name is not a first name. Names that can be used as a surname may also be taken as a middle name.


Ole Petter Hansen Olsen.

  • Ole and Petter are the first and second first names and must be entered in the first name field
  • Hansen is the middle name 
  • Olsen is the surname

If more than 200 people in Norway share a surname, the surname is unrestricted. This name can be used without any of the child’s parents bearing that name themselves. You can see how many people share a certain surname at Statistics Norway’s name search.

A surname is protected if it's used by 200 people or less in Norway. A protected surname can be used if the child has an affiliation to the name, for instance through kinship. If the father’s name is chosen as a middle name or surname, and this name is protected, the paternity must be declared before the name can be taken.

Someone from the Tax Administration will contact you if you need to provide any documentation.

If the child is to have two surnames, you must write the surnames separated by a hyphen.

Petter Hansen-Olsen.

  • Hansen-Olsen is the surname

If you would prefer not to use a hyphen, you must choose one surname as a middle name.

Petter Hansen Olsen.

  • Hansen is the middle name
  • Olsen is the surname


The confirmation of the registration of the child’s name is an individual decision that you may appeal. 

The appeal body is the County Governor in the county in which you’re resident. However, you must still send the appeal in writing via Contact us - the Tax Administration.