Please note that our processing times may be slightly longer due to a high demand for new tax deduction cards. Our usual time scale is five days, but there may be some delay.

Form RF-1209

Application for tax deduction card for foreign citizens

If you are a foreign citizen with a Norwegian national ID number or D number, you can apply for a tax deduction card here. You must have a Norwegian electronic ID.

If you do not have a Norwegian identifcation number and an electronic ID, you must fill in and send the application form to a tax office or your employer can apply on your behalf. For more information, look further down the page.

Documentation requirements

When you apply for a new tax deduction card you must document your income. This can be an employment contract or written job offer. If you work for a temporary staff recruitment agency, you must have confirmation of an assignment. You can upload a copy of documentation that you need a tax deduction card. It is possible to apply without uploading documentation, but you will be asked to show or submit this before the application can be processed.

ID checks

If an ID check is necessary, the tax office will contact you after you have submitted your application. If you have to undergo an ID check, you must report in person to a tax office that carries out ID checks.

When will the tax deduction card be ready?

Usually within five working days. You will receive the tax deduction notice electronically in Altinn. Once the tax deduction card is ready, your employer will be able to download the card electronically. You do not need to submit the tax deduction card to your employer.

Alternative ways of applying for a tax deduction card

If you do not have a Norwegian electronic ID or National identity number/D number:

If you are a foreign citizen without a Norwegian national ID number/D number, you must submit your application at a tax office which performs ID checks. We will carry out an ID check when you apply for a tax deduction card.

Download RF-1209, complete and send to us:

Application for tax deduction card for foreign citizens (PDF)

There are some exceptions from the requirement to report to a tax office.

You must bring the following with you to your ID check

The type of document you need to bring depends on where you are from. Regardless of where you are from, you must document that you need a tax deduction card. You could for example present your employment contract or a written job offer. You must also show confirmation of an assignment in the case of assignments for manpower agencies, etc.

Documentation requirements for:

The tax deduction cards do not contain information about your residence permit, and are not proof of your right to work or stay in Norway. Employers have an independent responsibility for ensuring that all employees have the right to work in Norway. The Directorate of Immigration (UDI) will be able to answer any questions you have.

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