Confirmation of parental responsibility

A confirmation of parental responsibility shows who's registered with parental responsibility for a child. We can only confirm parental responsibility for children who are resident in Norway.

View information about yourself

If you want to see the information we have registered about you and children you have parental responsibility for, you can log in to My page.

How you receive the confirmation

The confirmation will be sent to your Altinn inbox. If you need the confirmation on paper with a stamp and signature, you can select that option when you order. The printouts on paper will be sent to the address registered for you in the National Population Register. Please note that the processing time can be up to two weeks plus postal delivery time before you receive the certificate. The confirmation of parental responsibility is only available in Norwegian.

You can get a confirmation of parental responsibility if you share parental responsibility for the child.

  • The national identity number and name of the child (surname, first name and middle name)
  • Date when the parental responsibility was registered
  • Names of those who have parental responsibilities

You must select the option indicating that you want to use the confirmation abroad when you order the confirmation. You will then get the confirmation on paper with a stamp and signature.

You must send it to the district court for notarial confirmation before you send it to the County Governor for an apostille or to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get it legalised. You must include information about which country you are going to use the confirmation in. Certificates and confirmations that will be used in Nordic countries do not need apostille or legalisation. Read more about apostille and legalisation.