Overview of certificates

The Tax Administration offer these certifications and printouts. In the list below, you’ll be able to read more about which requirements that need to be fulfilled to be able to order.

Certificates and printouts from the National Population Register

When you log in to our ordering service, you’ll only find the certificates/printouts that are available for you to order from the National Population Register.

Other certificates and printouts 

If you are not sure which certificate you need, you can answer some questions and we’ll help you order the certificate you need.



Important - when ordering certificates

The certificate will be sent to your address as registered in the National Registry.

  • We do not send certificates by e-mail.
  • We do not issue certificate printouts to you in person at the tax office.

Case processing time

See expected case processing time

Using the certificate abroad

If the certificate is to be used abroad, you must send it to the County Governor to apply an apostille or The Ministry of Foreign Affairs who legalises certificates. You must inform which country you need to use the certificate in. Read more about apostille and legalisation.