Residence certificate

A residence certificate shows where you live and for how long you have lived there. The certificate also confirms how long you have lived in Norway and in the municipality you currently live in.

If you have a D number, or you do not live in Norway, you cannot order a residence certificate.

Important information

If you need a confirmation of residence for tax purposes to avoid double taxation, you must order a Certificate of Residence instead.

View information about yourself

If you want to see the information we have registered about you and any children you have parental responsibility for, you can log in to My page.

Order a residence certificate

You can order a residence certificate for one individual or for your whole family.

How is the certificate delivered

The residence certificate will be sent to you on paper with a stamp and signature.

The certificate will be sent to the address registered for you in the National Population Register. You can expect to receive your certificate within a period of two weeks plus postal delivery time.

You can get a residence certificate if you’re registered as resident in a Norwegian municipality.

You can order a residence certificate for:

  • Yourself
  • Your children who are under the age of 18 (if you do not have parental responsibility, you must document that you have a justified reason to order the certificate)
  • Your spouse or registered partner
  • Anyone for whom you’ve been appointed guardian
  • A client for whom you’re acting as counsel (as a lawyer)

If you need a residence certificate for your spouse, grown-up children, parents or siblings, you must document that you have a justified need for the certificate.

You have a justified reason when the certificate is necessary for you to be able to fulfil your legal rights or duties. When you apply, you must therefore state why you need the certificate.

The residence certificate contains:

  • Registered address and municipality of residence
  • Current name
  • Date of birth
  • National identity number
  • Date of residency in Norway
  • Date of residency in the municipality
  • Date of residency at the current address

A residence certificate for a family will also contain:

  • Details of your spouse if you’re married and any children you have parental responsibility for living at the same address

The multilingual residence certificate is in English, French, Norwegian, Spanish, German, and Italian.


The person applying for the certificate will only receive a certificate including information of their own children. If the applicant’s spouse or cohabiting partner has children from previous relationships, these will not be included.

Cohabiting partners

Cohabiting partners must each order their own certificate. They will not be included in each other’s residence certificates.

For cohabiting partners with shared children, the children’s information will be included in the residence certificate of the parent ordering a certificate.

Live-in children over the age of 18

If you have children over 18 living with you in the family home, their information will not be included in the residence certificate for the family. They can, however, apply for their own residence certificate.