Deduction for trade union fees

If you have paid trade union fees, you can deduct up to NOK 3,850 from your tax, or a proportional amount if trade union fees were only paid for part of the year.

This concerns all professionally active wage earners who have:

  • had their salary deducted via payslips for trade union fees paid to an employee organisation,
  • paid trade union fees directly to the employee organisation. You/the trade union must submit an attested statement of membership fees paid to your employer. The employer will report trade union fees paid on the Certificate of Pay and Tax Deducted,


  • paid trade union fees to an employee organisation in another EEA State which has entered into a tariff agreement on behalf of its members.

The maximum deduction is NOK 3,850 per year, regardless of the number of memberships. You can also see rates for each year

This will normally be pre-filled with the total amount that you have paid in trade union fees. The amount is based on what was reported by your employer, so you should check that everything is correct.

If you have paid directly to the traid union and has submitted an attested statement of membership fees paid to your employer, the employer must report the amount.

The amounts you should perform the check against should be shown under the annual statement of earnings, allowance and tax (also known as the annual statement) you receive from your employer in January/February.

If the amount is wrong, you must correct the tax return. You should also contact your employer to ensure that the annual statement is correct.

If you have paid directly to the trade union, the sum could be reported by the trade union.

You do not need to send us any documentation for this, but you must be able to present documentation if we ask for it.

If you enter a deduction, you must be able to document the trade union fees that you have paid:

  • if you have paid the trade union directly: through an attested statement from the union treasurer
  • if you have made payments via deductions from your employer: confirmation from your employer of the amounts deducted.