We’re currently updating the guide for the tax return

The content on this page is about the tax return you submitted in 2021. We’re currently updating it for the tax return you are going to submit in Spring 2022. All our guidance about the tax return will be updated before you receive your tax return for the 2021 income year. There is also help and guidance in your tax return.

Avoid errors in your tax return. Check your annual statements.

When you receive your annual statements, you should take the time to check that all the information is correct. If you discover any errors, you should contact the organisation that sent you the annual statement, so that they can correct the information and send the Norwegian Tax Administration a revised annual statement/summary. This will help to avoid errors in your tax return.

Note that many statement providers now only send you a notification that you must log on to their website in order to read the annual statement.

In January, you should have received a summary of your income and withholding tax deductions from your employer and others who paid you salary or pension last year. You should also have received annual statements from banks, insurance companies, preschools, etc.

These annual statements are sent to the Norwegian Tax Administration, so that the information is included in the pre-completed tax return.

Contact the organisations concerned if you discover any errors. Only the organisations that submitted the information can correct it. Changes will be included in the tax return if the Norwegian Tax Administration receives them by 1 March.

The tax return for 2020 will become available consecutively from 16 March to 7 April. The tax return for 2020 on paper will be sent out starting 7 April.

When you get an e-mail or sms saying that your tax return is available, you can view, edit and submit the tax return

Examples on relevant statements:

Statements that you may have received via letter, e-mail, Altinn, digipost, e-box, the websites of statement providers or your online banking service:

  • Summary of income and withholding tax deductions
  • Annual statements from housing co-operatives/housing companies/jointly owned property
  • Pension statement from national insurance disburser
  • Annual statements from banks
  • Annual statements from management companies with a summary of holdings and any realisation of securities
  • Annual statements from insurance companies
  • Annual statements from child day care centres stating amounts that have been paid
  • Annual statements from after school club stating amounts that have been paid
  • Annual statements concerning any donations you have made to voluntary organisations or for research/vocational training.

You can also check whether your employer and/or others have sent you correct information.