Print or share your tax return

You can print your tax return. You can also retrieve a PDF version of your tax return to use as documentation.

You can print your tax return if you, for example, want to

  • use it as a draft when you check your tax return
  • send it as documentation to someone else, such as your bank or the municipality

Printout to be used as documentation

Before you received a PDF version of your tax return in Altinn. Now you’ll find the PDF version of the tax return by logging in to

The tax return that you’ll find among your documents, contains pre-filled information and can be used as documentation.

Screenshot of tax return


Print for your own use

You can also print the online tax return.

You must then open your tax return and select "Print" (skriv ut) when you see the summary and the tax calculation.

Screenshot of print-button


Change and submit the tax return on paper

If you received the tax return on paper, you can choose to make changes and submit it on paper.