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Deduction tables in text format

The tables can be used by employers when testing tax deductions in their payroll system.

You can search in the deduction tables (Table-based deductions for tax deduction card).The service is only available in Norwegian.

Alternatively, you can print the individual tables.

Deduction tables for 2020

The deduction tables for 2020 have been made available collated in a single text file that contains all the tables. 

If you are an employer and have questions about the deduction tables, you can send an e-mail to [email protected]
Others can contact us here.

See also program for calculating withholding tax deductions.

The deduction tables have five columns. These five columns contain:

Column 1 (A) Table number 4 positions
Column 2 (B)

Deduction period:
1: month
2: 14 days
3: week
4: 4 days
5: 3 days
6: 2 days
7: 1 day

1 position
Column 3 (C)

Table type
0: Salary
1: Pension

1 position
Column 4 (D) Deduction basis 5 positions
Column 5 (E) Deductions 5 positions

Overview of the table steps


Tables for 2020

All tables a text file, packed in a .zip file