Important information

We’ll notify you when your tax return is ready

Not everybody will get access to their tax return at the same time.

The tax return will be available to you one of the days between 14 and 31 March

If the Tax Administration hasn't notified you that your tax return is ready, you can wait to log in.

We’ll notify you when your tax return is ready. Most people will receive the notification via e-maill, while some will receive a text message.

Other notices (not about the tax return)

We are also currently sending out other notifications. For example, about changes in tax settlement for 2020, or shares. Please note that notifications you receive may apply to other matters than the 2021 tax return.

Other ways to log in

Those who try to log in to the tax return for the income year 2022 before they have received an email, or log in from other places such as My page or via Altinn, will not find their tax return. You must wait for us to notify you that your tax return is ready.

The tax return works properly for all those who have received an e-mail that it is available.

While you wait

You can prepare yourself before you receive your tax return by reading about these topics:

The deduction wizard
The wizard helps you understand which deductions you may be entitled to.

Tax when your life changes
Important points to consider when your life changes.