Form RF-1159

Gain, loss, dividend and capital value of shares and other financial products

If you’ve traded or currently own financial products (e.g. shares, bonds, currency, derivatives etc.) that have not been pre-filled in the tax return, please enter them in form RF-1159 (this does not apply if you've received the new version of the tax return). If the numbers are pre-filled and correct, you don’t have to do anything.

Sole proprietorships must submit the new tax return for businesses

This year, sole proprietorships will receive the tax return in a new format and must submit it via an accounting system or In the new tax return, all the income statements and attachment forms has been replaced with a business information statement attached to the tax return.

The guidance on this page therefore only applies to those who cannot submit the tax return in new format yet.

This year, this applies to all private limited companies and other legal structures that must submit via an accounting system and in Altinn as they used to.

Remember the deduction for risk-free return

The deduction for risk-free return is a deduction that reduces your taxable share income so that you pay less tax. The deduction for risk-free return indicates the amount of dividend or gain that you can receive tax-free.

Reporting by banks and financial institutions

All Norwegian banks and financial institutions must report your holdings of foreign shares (assets/wealth), gain/loss and dividend to the Tax Administration. This information will then be pre-filled in your tax return. You must check that all of these amounts are included in your tax return. If they are, you do not have to submit RF-1159.

This guidance applies if you are submitting the tax return in old formatIf you received the new tax return you do not need to submit the form RF-1159, you just log in to the tax return and give all the information directly in the tax return under "Finance".

You get relevant help and guidance when you log in and fill in your tax return, whether you do it in your accounting system, on, or in Altinn.

  • Log in and select “submitting the tax return". You’ll find the items for finance products under “Interests, deposits, securities, other capital costs etc.” and/or “Interests, debt, other capital costs and deductions”.
  • Select “add to the list above”.
  • Select item. In the dropdown menu you’ll find the relevant items. Many of these will guide you directly to RF-1159, for example “Other Financial products" (items number 3.1.13, 3.3.13 and 4.1.10). Some of the items in the dropdown menu have RF-1159 in parentheses behind the item name.

  • Alternatively, you can select RF-1159 by the tab “attachments” after you've logged in to the tax return.

When you've opened RF-1159 you do this:

  • You enter what products you've traded by using the dropdown menu.
  • Enter capital, gains/loss and/or return/interest. You only have to complete one line per product.
  • When all the items are completed, you'll get an overview of everything you've entered. If everything is ok, you click the button “controlled”.
  • The information you've entered in the form aggregates and transfers automatically to the right item in the tax return

In the guide you will find help to completing the form online i Altinn.
All forms and guidelines in Norwegian only.

You may also need:

You need to submit electronically. Businesses can use the paper form as a preparation and guide for completing the form online i Altinn.