Form RF-1159

Gain, loss, dividend and capital value of shares and other financial products

If you've traded or are the owner of financial products (e.g. shares, currency, bonds, derivatives etc.) not pre-completed in the tax return, please enter this in form RF-1159. If the numbers are correctly pre-completed, you do not have to do anything.

This form is part of the tax return. You log in and complete it electronically

If you are an employee or pensioner not submitting the tax return electronically but on paper, you can use this form. However, if you submit on paper you will not receive the tax settlement until August at the earliest.

“RF-1159 Gain, loss, dividend and capital value of shares and other financial products” replaced “RF-1059 Shares and Mutual fund units etc." from the 2018 income year. If you need a PDF form for earlier years, you should use RF-1059 Shares and mutual fund units etc., which you'll find at the bottom of this page.

What to do:

  • Log in and select “submitting the tax return". You’ll find the items for finance products under “Interests, deposits, securities, other capital costs etc.” and/or “Interests, debt, other capital costs and deductions”.
  • Select “add to the list above”.
  • Select item. In the dropdown menu you’ll find the relevant items. Many of these will guide you directly to RF-1159, for example “Other Financial products" (items number 3.1.13, 3.3.13 and 4.1.10). Some of the items in the dropdown menu have RF-1159 in parentheses behind the item name.

  • Alternatively, you can select RF-1159 by the tab “attachments” after you've logged in to the tax return.

When you've opened RF-1159 you do this:

  • You enter what products you've traded by using the dropdown menu.
  • Enter capital, gains/loss and/or return/interest. You only have to complete one line per product.
  • When all the items are completed, you'll get an overview of everything you've entered. If everything is ok, you click the button “controlled”.
  • The information you've entered in the form aggregates and transfers automatically to the right item in the tax return.

Remember the deduction for risk-free return

The deduction for risk-free return is a deduction that reduces your taxable share income so that you pay less tax. The deduction for risk-free return indicates the amount of dividend or gain that you can receive tax-free.

Applies from the 2019 income year

All Norwegian banks and financial institutions must report your foreign shares (assets/wealth), gain/loss and dividend to the Tax Administration. This information will then be pre-completed in your tax return. You must check that all of these amounts are, in fact, included. If they are, you do not have to submit RF-1159.

Forms used for earlier years

The form is available in Norwegian only.

For changes in previous tax returns use RF-1059 Shares and units in funds etc. below. RF-1059 was replaced with RF-1159 from the income year 2018.