Form RF-1159

Gain, loss, dividend and capital value of shares and other financial products

If you’ve traded or currently own financial products (e.g. shares, bonds, currency, derivatives etc.) that have not been pre-filled in the tax return, please enter them in form RF-1159. If the numbers are pre-filled in the tax return and correct, you don’t have to do anything.

You must not use this form if you submit the new tax return

The tax return can be submitted in a new format, and you no longer need to use attachment forms when you submit the new tax return. You must only submit the form if you submit the tax return in the old format or if you submit the paper version of the tax return.

All income recipients and pensioners have received the new tax return and must no longer use the attachment forms when they submit the tax return online. If you want to submit the paper version of the tax return, you can still use attachment forms.

Everyone who has a sole proprietorship must use the new tax return and submit it online.

You can either submit from your accounting or annual accounts system, or you can log on to to submit your tax return.

Do not submit attachment forms. Instead, add the information directly in your tax return and business information.


All companies must submit the tax return or the company tax return. The new tax return can only be submitted from an accounting or annual accounts system. The forms have been replaced with business information statements and can no longer be used. All companies who submit the tax return in its old format in Altinn, can still use attachment forms.

From 2024 onwards (the 2023 income year), all companies must use the new tax return.

Remember the deduction for risk-free return

The deduction for risk-free return is a deduction that reduces your taxable share income so that you pay less tax. The deduction for risk-free return indicates the amount of dividend or gain that you can receive tax-free.

Reporting by banks and financial institutions

All Norwegian banks and financial institutions must report your holdings of foreign shares (assets/wealth), gain/loss and dividend to the Tax Administration. This information will then be pre-filled in your tax return. You must check that all of these amounts are included in your tax return. If they are, you do not have to submit RF-1159.

In the guide you will find help to completing the form.
All forms and guidelines in Norwegian only.

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You need to submit electronically. Businesses can use the paper form as a preparation.