Important information

This year, most private individuals will receive a completely new tax return. If this applies to you, you should not complete this form. Instead, you should log in and enter the information directly in your tax return. If you’re not sure which tax return you’ve received, you can read more about the different formats of the tax return.

Form RF-1150

Reduction of income tax on wages

If you are resident in Norway for tax purposes according to the taxation act or a tax treaty, you may be entitled to reduced Norwegian tax of wages for work abroad.

Log in and complete RF-1150:

Complete and submit with your tax return

This form is part of the tax return. You log in and complete it electronically. If you are an employee or pensioner submitting the tax return on paper, you can use this form. However, if you submit on paper you will not receive the tax settlement until August at the earliest.

Guidance to completing the form

You'll find help on how to complete the form within the form itself.

Form RF-1150 must be completed by persons claiming a reduction in Norwegian tax in order to avoid double taxation on salary earned in connection with work performed abroad.

Paper forms

Paper forms and guidance for previous years

You can use the older forms as a guide if you need to change something in previously submitted tax returns.

You can still change and re-submit your tax return for wage earners and pensioners and the tax return for sole proprietorships with forms attached for  2017 and 2018 if you discover errors, or if you've received new or delayed information.