Shared permanent housing for shared children

In the case of a relationship breakdown, the parents can decide what kind of housing arrangement they want for their children. They can agree on shared permanent housing for their children and get the agreement registered in the National Population Register.

Shared permanent housing means that the child lives (has permanent housing) with both parents. That is not the same as shared housing, which means that the child lives with one parent and has a visitation arrangement with the other. Shared permanent housing does not have to be a 50/50 arrangement. The parents themselves decide how much time the child is to spend with each of them.

The parent with parental responsibility, and with whom the child is registered resident at the time of notification, can report a move for the child. When an agreement of shared permanent housing has been registered in the National Population Register, both parents must consent to the child’s move in order for the notification to be valid.

We recommend that you use Bufdir’s Foreldresamarbeidsavtale - an agreement regarding shared permanent housing - to prepare a parental cooperation agreement.

  • The agreement must be signed by both parents.
  • Attach a copy of valid identification from both parents.
  • Send the signed agreement to:
    Postboks 9200 - Grønland
    0134 OSLO

Agreements sent electronically only require an attached identity document from the parent who is not submitting the agreement.

Requirements for registration of shared permanent housing for children

  • Both parents must be registered in the National Population Register
  • The child’s/children’s residential address must be at one of the parent’s addresses
  • The child/children must be under 18 years
  • The parents must have joint parental responsibility

Find out more about shared permanent housing at Bufdir’s website.