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Svalbard skattekontor

You must book an appointment

Before coming to the tax office, you must book an appointment. Only those who are required to physically go to a tax office may book an appointment.


Follow the instructions for isolation and quarantine

You must not meet at the tax office if you're in isolation or quarantine due to the coronavirus situation.

The quarantine rules apply if you've been abroad and if you've had close contact with a confirmed infected person.

You must wear a mask

It is now mandatory to wear a mask while on our premises. You must bring your own mask, and you will not be admitted without one.

Her finner du oss

Vei 221 - 1
9170 Longyearbyen


Postboks 413
9171 Longyearbyen

Telefon: 79 02 36 70

E-post: [email protected]



Mandag - fredag kl. 10:00 til 14:00.

Egne satser og skatteregler for Svalbard

Det gjelder spesielle skattesatser og skatteregler for lønnstakere som er skattepliktig til Svalbard. Svalbard skattekontor fastsetter kulleksportavgift.

Skatteoppkreveren på Svalbard

Har du spørsmål om betaling eller faktura er det skatteoppkreveren på Svalbard du skal kontakte.