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Reporting a move to, from or within Svalbard

If you plan to live on Svalbard for more than six months, you must report this to the population register on Svalbard. You must also send a change of address notification when you move within Svalbard, and when you move from Svalbard.

Download, fill in and submit:

Report a move to, from or within Svalbard

Download, print out and bring with you to the Svalbard tax office


You can also fill in the form at the Svalbard tax office.

If you'll be staying in Svalbard for less than six months, e.g. to work or study, you should not report a change of address.

If you move from abroad and do not have a Norwegian national identity number or temporary identification number (D number), you must, if you are liable to pay tax, report at the tax office to receive a D number.

If you have questions regarding moving, contact the Svalbard tax office.

Are you liable to pay tax to Svalbard?

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