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Marriage with a foreign citizen

If you are getting married to a foreign citizen in Norway, he or she must submit documentation to the Norwegian Tax Administration.

It normally takes five to six weeks to process applications if everything is in order. Allow plenty of time in case there are any errors or omissions in the application and you have to obtain further documentation from abroad.

If you intend to marry a foreign citizen who has a:

you should follow the same procedure as when two Norwegian citizens marry.

Foreign citizens who don't have a permanent residence permit in Norway or who haven't been granted asylum in Norway must present the following documentation to the Norwegian Tax Administration:

  • Personal declaration
  • Statement by the sponsor
  • Declaration concerning division – if he or she has been married before. If it's less than two years since the divorce was granted, you can apply to the county governor for exemption from division if the most recent joint address was not in Norway. You can download the application form from If it's more than two years since the divorce, you can use the personal declaration in Part III.
  • In the case of people who are divorced according to foreign law, the divorce must be recognised by the County Governor. You can download the application form from The requirement for recognition won't apply if the divorce was carried out in another Nordic country, as long as both spouses were resident and had the citizenship of a Nordic country at the time of the divorce.
  • Documentation of name and age, e.g. passport or birth certificate. The documentation must consist of original documents or copies certified by a Norwegian public authority. When using a passport as documentation, we ask that you submit a copy certified by the Norwegian public authority, and not an original passport. Please note that the norwegian Notarius publicus cannot not certify copies of foreign documents. The birth certificate must be legalised/endorsed with an apostille stamp.
  • If you have been living in Norway for less than 5 years, a certificate from the authorities in your home country is required. This certificate must confirm that you are free to marry in Norway. At Bufdir you will find more information on how to proceed in the different countries. The certificate must have been issued in the last four months. Translation may be necessary unless the certificate is written in English, Danish or Swedish. The certificate must be the original and must be legalised/endorsed with an apostille.
  • If the certificates are translated, submit both the original and the translation.
  • Citizens from countries outside the Nordic region must submit documentation showing that they are legally resident in Norway. The documentation must consist of original documents or copies certified by a Norwegian public authority.

Documentation from a country outside the Nordic region must be legalised or endorsed with an apostille by the authorities in the country in which it was issued.

Send the documentation to:

Tax Administration Norway 
P.O. Box 9200 Grønland
NO–0134 OSLO

If you fulfil the conditions for entering into marriage, you'll receive a “certificate of no impediment to enter into marriage" in the post.