The 1-2-3 of tax in Norway

Discover the connection between the tax deduction card, the tax return and the tax assessment, and what you need to do during the year to get your taxes right.

The 1-2-3 of tax in Norway

View several short informational films about the tax return and the tax assessment

How it works

Tax deduction card

This is our estimation of your income and deductions for the coming year, and how much tax you must pay.

  • Applies to the current year.
  • Your employer collects your tax deduction card online and deducts the specified amount from your salary.

Tax deduction cards, exemption cards and advance tax

Calculate your tax

When your life changes it is a good idea to change your tax deduction card


Tax return

This is your overview of income, deductions, wealth, debt and what you paid in tax last year.

  • Applies to last year.
  • Must be submitted in April.
  • You must check that all the information in the tax return is correct.

View, edit or submit your tax return

Help getting your taxes right

Check if you can claim deductions


Tax assessment

This is the result - after you and we have both checked that the information in your tax return is correct.

  • If you’ve paid too much tax, you’ll receive a refund. If you’ve paid too little tax, you must pay the underpaid tax.
  • We’ll notify you by e-mail or SMS when your tax return is ready.

Check your tax assessment when you’ve been notified that it's ready