Mineral product tax

A CO2 tax is payable on mineral oil, petrol, gas, natural gas and LPG that's either imported into Norway or produced in Norway. A sulphur tax is also payable on mineral oils containing more than 0.05 percent by weight of sulphur.

About this excise duty

The basic tax is dissolved

The basic tax on mineral oil is dissolved from 1 January 2023. Enterprises may apply for a refund for the period up to and including 31 December 2022.

Rates for 2023

The duties are calculated per standard litre of mineral oil and petrol, and per standard cubic metre (Sm3) and kilogram for natural gas and LPG, respectively.


CO2 tax

Auto diesel/ petrol tax


Mineral oil, unmarked, ultra-low sulphur (auto diesel) 

NOK 2.53 per litre 

NOK 2.92 per litre 

NOK 5.45 per litre 

Mineral oil, unmarked, ultra-low sulphur (heating oil, etc.) 

NOK 2.53 per litre 


NOK 2.53 per litre 

Petrol, ultra-low sulphur 

NOK 2.21 per litre 

NOK 4.70 per litre 

NOK 6.91 per litre 

Natural gas 

NOK 1.89 per Sm3 


NOK 1.89 per Sm3  


NOK 2.86 per kilogram  


NOK 2.86 per kilogram 


Sulphur excise duty

For mineral oil containing 0.05 percent sulphur as a proportion by weight, NOK 0.1460 must be paid per litre for each commenced 0.1 percent as a proportion by weight of sulphur.

Basic tax

The basic tax on mineral oil is dissolved from 1 January 2023.

Reduced rate

Reduced rates apply for certain areas, including certain types of industry. A reduced rate applies in relation to the removal efficiency for the emission.

See earlier years’ rates

There are certain exemptions from the tax duty.


Biodiesel is exempt from both CO2 tax and sulphur excise duty.


No CO2 tax and basic tax applies in connection with the usage of mineral products, among others, in

  • international air transport
  • international maritime transport

CO2 capture and storage

From 1 January 2023, CO2 capture and storage are exempt from the duty. This exemption is implemented through refunds of paid CO2 tax on mineral oil, petrol, natural gas, and LPG once the CO2 emissions have been captured and stored. How to apply for a refund.

Natural gas and LPG

A temporary exemption from the CO2 tax on natural gas and LPG used in certain processes is in place. The exemption is implemented using a refund scheme. The enterprises must buy natural gas and LPG with the full duty included in the price. The enterprises may then apply to the Tax Administration for a refund of the difference between the full rate and the reduced rate.

Read more about the exemption and how you apply for a refund


Hvis du skal destruere eller tilintetgjøre varer, skal du melde fra til Skatteetaten.


Report and pay

Enterprises that are registered as liable for excise duties must report their excise duties online. You do this in the excise tax return.


When you’ve submitted an excise tax return, you’ll receive a response containing payment information.



  • Manufacturers of mineral products must register their enterprises as liable for excise duties.
  • Importers of mineral products must register their enterprises as liable for excise duties.
    • Registration for importers of natural gas and LPG that is not supplied to fuel gas facilities/filling stations is optional.

More information about the registration of goods where the road usage tax applies.

If you’re registered, you’ll pay the duty when you withdraw the goods from the enterprise's approved premises.