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Published: 31/03/2014

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This guide provides information on whether you meet the conditions for being considered a commuter, and shows your deduction entitlements for additional expenses for food and accommodation in connection with commuter stays and journeys home.

You must answer between one and 13 questions to find out what applies to you. The guide is based on the most common target groups for commuting, and provides general guidance based on the questions you have answered. Because not all your tax circumstances have been assessed, you will not receive a binding response from us. You can read more here to find supplementary information on the rules that apply to commuters:

If you believe you are entitled to a deduction for commuting, you must write this in your tax return. Changes to tax returns may be made electronically or on paper.

The final assessment of what you are entitled to in deductions for commuting will be carried out when your tax return is processed. You will receive a reply as to whether or not we have approved the deduction for travel in your tax settlement.

Can the guide be improved?

You can help us to make the guide better by sending us a message. We are unable to respond to questions regarding tax; you should contact us via other channels if you need help or personal guidance concerning tax, the national population register or other matters.

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