New Tax deduction cards and tax deduction notices

Tax deduction cards for 2019 will be available from 14 December 2018. We start sending out tax deduction notices at the same time.

Before this date, you can not make changes in the Tax deduction card for 2019.


Order a tax deduction card

Your employer will obtain your tax deduction card from the Tax Administration after you have ordered it. This means that you will not receive it by post at your home address. If you earn NOK 55,000 or less during the year, you do not need to pay tax and you can order an exemption card instead

New in the tax deduction card for 2018

Most people will have between two and six different tax deductions in their tax deduction card.

The tax deduction card will clearly state who should use the various deduction codes and what type of income they should be used for.

The only consequence of the change is that it will become easier for employers and pension providers to choose the correct tax deduction for different types of income.

If you have several employers/pension providers, you must ensure that table-based deductions are only used by one of them. Table-based deductions should be used where you have the highest income (main employer/pension provider).

Information about your tax deduction card

Once you have ordered a tax deduction card, you will receive a tax deduction notice - information about your tax deduction card. This normally arrives within 5 working days. You will find the information in your inbox when you log in. If you are not an e-user, we will send the information to your address as registered with the National Registry.

Before you order a tax deduction card, you should have the following documentation to hand:

  • Salary: you get your payslip from your employer either on paper or electronically. If this is the first time you are ordering a tax deduction card, you need to state how much you expect to earn over the year. 
  • Pension: if you are a pensioner, you need documentation from NAV or from whoever pays your pension.
  • Debts/assets: documents from the bank showing your debts, interest on debts and any assets.
  • If you receive transitional benefit, sickness benefit, parental benefit, pregnancy benefit, or care benefit from NAV: your tax deduction card may have changed from last year.

You can see what employers have reported about your employment and salary so far this year.

If you have a table-based card and several employers, pension companies or similar, you should make them aware of whether they are your main employer (where you earn most) or whether they are a secondary employer. In this context, NAV is taken to be an employer.

The main employer deducts tax in accordance with the table (formerly Part 1 of the tax deduction card), while other employers deduct tax on a percentage basis (formerly Part 2).

In principle, everyone who has several employers over time will receive a percentage card, but remember that the Tax Administration's calculations are based on the last known tax settlement, or where relevant the last change to the tax deduction card, so changes after that will not be included.

Do you receiving money from NAV and have employment income as well?

NAV obtains your tax deduction details electronically and is not always informed whether you have another main employer. Make sure that your main employer and NAV are not both deducting tax in accordance with the table.

If you receive several benefits from NAV, you must ask NAV to make table-based deductions for the main benefit and percentage deductions for the other benefits. If you have table-based deductions for all the benefits from NAV, your deductions will be incorrect and you will run the risk of owing underpaid tax. You can apply for a percentage card in order to avoid tax deduction errors.

Exemption card and several employers?

If you have an exemption card and more than one employer, you must split your exemption card amount between your employers.

If you are a foreign employee, you need to visit a tax office for an ID check before you can apply for a tax deduction card.

You don't have to go through an ID control to get a tax deduction card for 2018 if:

  • you're an EEA citizen,
  • you've an active D number, and
  • you've already completed an ID control at the tax office.

In that case you can order a tax deduction card.

For your own security, we ask you not to specify personal or sensitive information, for instance your Norwegian national identity number or health information. We currently don't offer a chat service for questions regarding value added tax, car duties and other taxes.


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