Information in my tax deduction card (tax deduction notice)

Every year in December, you’ll receive a new tax deduction card. The Tax Administration does not know everything about you, so it's important to check that the basis for the tax deduction card is correct. 

What to do

  • Log in and check the information in your tax deduction card.
  • If the numbers are correct, you do not have to do anything.
  • If the numbers are incorrect, you must change your tax deduction card. 

Your employer retrieves your tax deduction card directly from us. 

Not sure whether the information is correct?

Find the relevant documentation and check the numbers:

  • Salary – You get a payslip from your employer either on paper or electronically.
  • Pension – If you’re a pensioner, you need documentation from NAV or from whoever pays your pension.
  • Debt/wealth – Documents from the bank showing your debts, interest on debts and any wealth.

The numbers in your tax deduction card are our calculation of your income and what you should pay in tax for the coming year.

You can also see information in your tax deduction notice

In December, we send you a tax deduction notice. This notice specifies the income, expenses, wealth and debt we think you’ll have in the coming year. You’ll find the notice in your Altinn inbox. If you’re not an online user, the tax deduction notice will be sent to your registered address.

Example showing how information about income, deductions, wealth and debt is presented in a tax deduction notice:

Grunnlag i Skattetrekksmelding-EN.png

If your expenses have increased or decreased, if your salary has increased or decreased, or if you have started receiving benefits or a pension, you should check and, if necessary, change your tax deduction card. Then you’ll avoid having the wrong tax deducted.