The numbers in your tax deduction card

Each year in December, you get at new tax deduction card showing the income, expenses, wealth and debt that we think you’ll have in the coming year.

The numbers in your tax deduction card are our calculation of your income and what you should pay in tax for the coming year. 

How we get our numbers

When we calculate the income for the 2020 tax deduction card, we use information from your employer for October 2019 (x 12), or information from November 2018 to October 2019 (see the example below). In addition, we include a percentage change in your salary income as predicted by the National Budget for 2020 (3.6%). We use the option that gives us the highest income. 

However, some people do still end up with a calculated income that provides a too high or too low basis for their tax deduction card. If your income is not correct, you can change your tax deduction card yourself. We then produce a new tax deduction card that your employer will retrieve.

You can also see what your employer or pension provider has reported for you.

Example calculation based on the October salary for 2019:

Fixed salary   NOK 40,000 x 12 = NOK   480,000
Overtime   NOK       7,000
Total   NOK  487,000
Electronic communication NOK 366 x 12 =  NOK       4,392*
Tax liable insurance NOK 100 x 12 = NOK       1,200*

NOK       5,592

(*These are continued without the upwards adjustment of 3.6%)

Calculated annual salary for 2020:

 ((NOK 487,000 x 1.036) + NOK 5,592)) = NOK 510,124 (rounded up to NOK 510,130).

If the numbers are incorrect, you must change your tax deduction card. Log in and enter the correct numbers for income and expenses in the coming year. We produce a new tax deduction card that your employer will retrieve.

The personal allowance is reduced to finance the NRK broadcasting licence

The personal allowance is adjusted to the salary level as usual and then reduced to finance the restructuring of NRK funding.

Check your numbers

It is especially important that you check your numbers if you’ve gotten a new job with higher salary, bought a new residential property and so have more debt, or in case of other circumstances that will change either your income, wealth, expenses or debt.

If you’ve been deducted too much tax, you’ll get your money back when the tax assessment is ready.  If you’ve been deducted too little tax, you must pay the remaining tax amount.