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Published: 10/06/2014

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Here, you can create a KID number for paying tax and employer's contributions.

KID numbers can be used for many different types of payment:

  • Personal taxpayers: Advance tax, additional advance tax, underpaid tax.
  • Non-personal taxpayers: Advance tax, additional advance tax, underpaid tax, withheld tax.
  • Employers with an organisation number: Prepayment deductions, employer's contributions, expense deductions, prepayment deductions from "Settlement form for charitable or non-profit organisations or institutions, artist tax
  • Private employer: Prepayment deductions from "Settlement form for private employers”, prepayment deductions, employer's contributions

Make sure you write your KID number correctly when making a payment. Your payment may be delayed if the number is wrong.

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You should also remember to select the correct income year. 

  • Period
  • Org. no./ID no.
    National ID number
    Org. no.
    Employer's ID no.

  • Your KID number is:

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