Amend your tax deduction card

If you believe that your tax deduction card is wrong, you can amend it.

For example, you must state how much salary you have already been paid, how much tax has been deducted from your salary so far this year, and how much you expect to earn over the entire year.

You cannot decide for yourself how much tax you’d like to pay each month. If you’d like to have more tax deducted than what is specified by your tax deduction card, you can ask your employer to do so.

How to change your tax deduction card:

  1. Log in.
  2. Check and, if necessary, correct the amounts specifying what you’ve earned and what tax you’ve had deducted from January up until the time you submit the changes. 
    This information is available on your latest payslip, or you can add up the amounts on all your payslips/pension payments.
  3. Check and, if necessary, change annual income, other income and deductions. All amounts must be specified for the whole year and before deductions (gross amount). 
  4. Submityour changes. If you change your tax deduction card in March or later in the year, you’ll receive a percentage card, even if you usually have a table-based card.
  5. You'll be sent a new tax deduction notice
    The tax deduction notice is a confirmation of your changes, and you can log in to Altinn to find it in your inbox. If you’re not an online user, we’ll send the tax deduction notice to your registered address.
  6. Your employer is notified automatically and will get access to your new tax deduction card. You do not have to give anything to your employer.

Advance tax

If you run your own independent business (sole proprietorship), are a partner in a shared liability partnership or have other income or wealth that is not subject to withholding tax, and you pay advance tax, you can amend the advance tax.

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