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No provisional calculation for your tax return?

If you haven't received a provisional tax calculation for your tax return, this may be due to one of the reasons listed below. If you see anything that applies to you in the list, you won't receive a tax calculation until your tax assessment is ready.

You can calculate how much tax you'll have to pay by using Calculate your tax.

Possible reasons why you haven't received a provisional tax calculation for your tax return include:

  • You pay your tax at source: you live abroad, receive a pension from Norway and pay tax on your pension at source.
  • You are self-employed or the spouse/spouse-equivalent partner of a self-employed person. This also applies to self-employed persons who are registered online users.
  • You or your spouse/spouse-equivalent partner is resident on Svalbard.
  • You are a diplomat.
  • You are resident abroad, but liable to pay tax in Norway on property, business, etc.

  • The list price of your car is missing
  • The market value of plots of land that you own is missing
  • The market value of your holiday property in Norway is missing
  • Information about your house is missing
  • Information about your retirement percentage is missing
  • Information about profit or loss of foreign shares is missing

  • Your employer has reported one or more of the following benefits via the a-melding:
    • LONN_UTL - Lønn og naturalytelse mv., opptjent i utlandet
    • LONN_STAT_UTL - Lønn fra den norsk stat
    • BONUS_FORSVAR - Bonus i forsvaret
    • NATURALYTELSE_UTL - Trekkpliktig naturalytelse for arbeid i utlandet
    • JAN_MAYEN_ANTARKTIS - Inntekt fra Jan Mayen og Antarktis
    • NETTOLONN - Nettolønn fra arbeid utført i Norge
    • NETTOLONN _UTL - Nettolønn for arbeid utført i utlandet
    • SKFRI_LONN_TRYGDEPL - Lønn/godtgjørelse ikke skattepliktig medlem av folketrygden