No provisional assessment on the tax return

If you've not received a provisional tax calculation on your tax return, it may be due to several things. Some of the reasons are listed below.

Possible reasons why you have not yet received a provisional tax calculation:

You have tax circumstances that make it difficult to give a provisional tax calculation

For example:

  • You pay withholding tax: you live abroad, receive a pension from Norway and pay withholding tax on your pension.
  • You run your own business or your spouse/spouse-equivalent cohabitant runs his or her own business. This also applies to businesses who are registered online users.
  • You are resident on Svalbard or your spouse/spouse-equivalent cohabitant is resident on Svalbard.
  • You are a diplomat.
  • You are a resident abroad but have a liability to pay tax to Norway for real property, business activity, etc.

There is information missing in your tax return

For example:

  • The list price of your car is missing
  • The market value of the plot you own is missing
  • The market value of your holiday home in Norway is missing
  • Information on your residential property is missing
  • Information on your retirement percentage is missing
  • Information on gains or losses on foreign shares is missing
  • You have a bank account abroad that is not pre-filled

If you've received the new version of the tax return, you can enter the missing information in the tax return yourself. In most cases, you will then see the provisional tax assessment.

You receive certain types of remuneration that make it difficult to give a provisional tax assessment

This applies if your employer has submitted one or more of the following remunerations via the a-melding:

  • Salary and payments in kind, etc. earned abroad (LONN_UTL)
  • Salary from the Norwegian State earned abroad (LONN_STAT_UTL)
  • Bonuses in the armed forces (BONUS_FORSVAR)
  • Payments in kind for work carried out abroad that are subject to withholding tax (NATURALYTELSE_UTL)
  • Income from Jan Mayen and the Antarctic (JAN_MAYEN_ANTARKTIS)
  • Net pay for work performed in Norway (NETTOLONN)
  • Net pay for work performed abroad (NETTOLONN _UTL)
  • Salary/remuneration not taxable for members of the national insurance scheme (SKFRI_LONN_TRYGDEPL)

The code in parentheses is the code your employer uses when submitting the a-melding.

Calculate your tax yourself

You can also calculate your tax yourself in our tax calculator. There you can enter income, wealth and deductions to get an estimated calculation.

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