We are now updating the tax return guidance

All guidance to the tax return will be updated well in advance of receiving the tax return for the income year 2019.

Tax return

If you had income from employment last year, you’ll be sent a tax return at the start of April. If you have not received this by mid-April, you must contact us.

Sjekk at tallene stemmer i skattemeldingen. Kanskje du får igjen penger på skatten.

Remember to always check the numbers in your tax return. If all the information is correct and no changes are necessary, you do not have to submit it. If you do have changes, log in and make them directly in your tax return.

Log in and check the numbers

From 31 March you can log in to see your tax return for 2019.

Open the tax return for 2018


Along with your tax return, you’ll also receive a provisional tax calculation. If you find that you’ve paid too little tax, you can pay additional advance tax by 31 May the year following the income year. You then avoid underpaid tax and interest.